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52 Ways to Shift Your Focus

Shift #24: Ride Without a Helmet

A writer (or an artist) who works at home always runs the risk of getting too comfortable. There’s no one around to push for moving the work out the front door so someone else can see it. Sure, there are forums for that sort of thing, places where faceless (no, the avatar doesn’t really count here) online people toss out comments that are often unhelpful. It really is up to the individual to risk putting work out there for public viewing.

And risk is what it is. Calculated risk. We all take dozens of calculated risks about other things – driving slightly over the speed limit, staying up too late, shimmying up to the edge of a cliff for the perfect photo, inviting people we don’t know that well to stay in our homes, [insert your latest risk here]. So, extend that to the art, the writing.

When is the last time you submitted something? What have you got sitting in your computer, on your desk, that could go somewhere? What are you waiting for?

I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot as I’ve lined up my own items for submission. As part of my method of clearing my head for this task, I went for a bike ride with my husband this past Sunday morning. It was early. It was quiet. We hadn’t been on a bike ride together all summer. Don’t know what we were waiting for. And I left my helmet at home.

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