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52 Ways to Shift Your Focus: Create Your Fantasy Trip

Shift #39: Create Your Fantasy Trip

By this point in the winter season, many of Minnesotans (among other northerners) suffer from cabin fever. Early February is when even those who love winter wouldn’t mind a trip to somewhere that does not require a heavy coat or access to a snow shovel, where the roads are not slick with ice beneath sparkly fresh snow, somewhere  that offers an easier way of life. What often accompanies this malaise is an inability to pay attention to that which is in front of us. Who’s in a mood to work on anything important? Who wants to do anything besides sleep in front of the fireplace? Not me.

How easy is it to throw a change of clothes into an overnight bag and take off? Depends. For most of us, that’s probably not going to happen.

So I say shift your focus for just a little while by creating a fantasy trip. And by that, I mean do the research about the place you have in your dreams, the place that gets your attention when you see its photo somewhere and you wonder when you’ll get there. These doldrum days are the very time to give in to your natural tendencies to surf the Internet for stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with your creative work or whatever other work you’re stuck in.

“Oh, but that’ll make me even more disgusted with this climate,” I can hear you say. “It’ll make me mad I can’t go anywhere.”

Ahem. It just might give you the mental break that you need for today. And, bonus, you might get an idea or two for how to add something to your home life that inspires you in a new way. Or you might be reminded of a practice that you’ve forgotten you once had.

Case in point: My partner and I are considering places for our twentieth anniversary, which is in April. We looked at the travel section in Sunday’s newspaper, pored over photos of Sanibel Island. Neither of us like the idea of Florida very much, so we went online and searched for B&Bs on both US coasts after concurring that what drew our attention was the coastal climate. I pulled up a link to a Zen-inspired B&B in Oregon, far from any large cities, right on the coast. Not that April is a delightful time on the Oregon coast, as far as I know, but looking at this lovely little spot, with only two rooms to rent and an amazing-looking soaking tub for two, reminded me of a few things I’ve let slip in my day-to-day life. One of those things is the solitude of a soak in the bathtub. I used to do that quite a lot. Somehow, that practice diminished as I got busier with writing, editing, parenting, house maintenance, and two dogs whose manners are questionable. But, do I have to go to a Zen-themed B&B in Oregon to rekindle my soaking practice? No. I can do that right here without a plane ticket.

We haven’t settled on our anniversary destination yet. But I am having a wonderful time with the search. And I just might get some new bubble bath.

Bonus for today….Here’s a website my friend Suzannah clued me in on: airbnb. You might find somewhere wonderful to stay. Enjoy.

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