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A Snowy October Day

Sitting at my desk on Tuesday afternoon, I can see out the window to the south: gray sky beyond the neighbor’s roof, tree tops, neighborhood pigeons who fly in great swooping arcs over everything. The snow cascades down in small flakes hell-bent on piling up before the still-warm ground melts them.

This snow is so early that I am sure it will be gone by the end of the week. I think back to the Halloween blizzard of 1991, when my son Shawn was 10 and I took him trick-or-treating as snow piled up over the tops of our boots. People who passed out candy were sometimes inclined to dump the whole bowl into Shawn’s treat bag as they realized he was one of very few kids outside that night. We clomped home to Mick’s house in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul; this was before Mick and I were married. Shawn and I cleaned snow off my car and headed back to our apartment in Little Canada only to wake the next day completely snowed in. No school for Shawn and I sure couldn’t get to work. We should have stayed at Mick’s that night, hunkered down in front of his fireplace, instead of coming back to our cozy apartment without him. But we still enjoyed the snow day.

This snow is much gentler. The trees and garden are outlined in white, every leaf and stalk a magical sight. I know this snow isn’t everyone’s idea of fun or beauty or joy, but I welcome the forced slow-down that comes with the season’s first real snowfall. I welcome the silence that shows up with this white blanket, the nudge to stay inside and put on a sweater.

One of the things I’ve been doing a lot of throughout the pandemic is cooking and a day like this is made for just that. In fact, in our kitchen there’s a baguette waiting to go into the oven, broccoli and left-over chicken to sauté and serve over rice. There’s a bottle of zinfandel on the kitchen counter. This will be our simple meal on this snowy day, our bit of warmth that we create when our work for the day is finished.

I hope you find warmth and nourishment in your day. Be well. Find the beauty outside your window.


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