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A Special Winter Happiness List

Okay, I admit it – even I am over winter at the moment. What finally pushed me over the edge was having my keys locked in my car in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Anyone out there have a Honda HRV with an auto-lock feature? Yup, it bested me. I unlocked my car to get my snow brush out, plopped my purse with key fob inside of it on the driver’s seat, shut the unlocked door, and brushed the snow off. Mick was brushing the snow off the other side. By the time we were done, about a minute later, the car had automatically relocked the doors. We could not get in.

So the first thing on my happiness list is friends who are willing to drive other friends – who are by now covered in fresh snow – home in the middle of a snowstorm to get an extra key for a locked car.

On Sunday morning, I went into a Honda HRV forum that I found online and discovered, nearly word-for-word, that the same thing has happened to others, right down to the purse on the seat and the snow brush in hand. If no other door is also opened when the car is unlocked, the whole thing locks back up in 60 seconds. With the damn keys inside. I cannot for the life of me understand why this is a desirable feature. I had previously been under the impression that my car would not allow the keys to be locked inside, that the sensor would prevent it. I thought THAT was the safety feature.

So, the second thing on my happiness list is spare keys. Ones that are not inside the car already.

Third thing would be cars that start. In winter. In a snowstorm. I am very grateful the car started right up when we eventually got it unlocked again.

Fourth thing on the happiness list is all-wheel drive. If any of you were out after midnight this past Saturday night/Sunday morning anywhere in Minnesota, you know what I mean.

Fifth thing on my happiness list this week is the fact that I live in the cities. On Sunday and Monday, as I read story after story about people stranded outstate during what has now been called the worst blizzard in southern Minnesota in the past several years, I am very very grateful that the whole key-locked-inside-car episode happened in the cities. If I had been on the side of the interstate, stuck in a snow bank and then also unable to get back inside my car, that could have been it for me. That made me shudder.

So, cars that work and friends that help are at the top of my happiness list. What else belongs on that list this week?

Snowblowers, of course. We got a new one. That made us beyond happy.

Food in the refrigerator, enough to cook a few meals without having to go back outside.

Electricity that powers our computers, our cable television, our stereo, our lights. No matter the weather, we can get our work done, entertain ourselves with music or movies, read a book.

A dog who likes to snuggle in for the day, happy to have her feet not touch the snow.

Family members who live nearby.

The knowledge that spring will come eventually. It always does.

What’s not on my happiness list? Honda’s auto-lock feature.

What’s on your happiness list? Chime in.

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