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Ah, Summer…..

Minnesota has been a rocky place to be for the past few weeks. Wait, not rocky; WET. We have had storm after storm, ground saturated until last Friday’s severe storms toppled trees rooted in ground too wet to hold them upright any longer. Mosquitoes are breeding. Weeds are sprouting. Humidity is curling my hair.

And yet I’m grateful for the summer. Grateful to be past the end of the school year, beyond the rigidity of an academic schedule, into weekdays without alarm clocks. I’m grateful for the way we sleep with the windows open, how the breeze lifts the curtains and brushes across us while we slumber. Life is finally shifting gears and opening into the fertile space that is June, July, and August.

To that end, One Minnesota Writer might be a bit more sporadic between now and September. A bit less regular in blog posts.

There’s nothing like picking up a book and heading into the back yard, unplugged.

Ah. Summer.

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