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When the whole world seems to be on fire, when the pandemic and the police both claim lives, many of us are driven to do more and more and more. Not to let up.

And while we are called to do whatever it takes to make this world better, we must also find moments every day to stop moving so fast, find whatever it is that soothes us. A phone call with a friend. An early morning walk. A fresh loaf of bread. A cup of tea. A poem that shimmers with its clarity. A cathedral of trees.

Our garden is that spot where I stop moving so fast. I believe it is for my partner Mick, too, given the amount of time he spends doing nothing but pulling weeds. Between reading everything I can on current issues, donating wherever possible, and talking endlessly about what to do next, I’ve taken countless garden photos. Some good, some not so good. I’m no pro. But this is what offers solace on a daily basis. This is where I can reconnect with natural forces well beyond my control. And it never lets me down.

One of the things I think about when I’m out standing in the middle of new blooms and pollen-laden bees is how we cannot forget about climate change as we work for an end to racism, find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, and put a stop to abuse everywhere. We cannot ignore this earth that we managed to char all over these past weeks.

The tasks before us are enormous. They are all important. And compassion for every living thing just might get it all done somehow - even compassion for those who make the hate rise in our constricted throats. That's a very tall order.

Gather your strength and I’ll gather mine. There’s a long, long journey ahead.

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