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Artist’s Way Check In #10 – Focusing on Things I Love

This may be fatigue talking, but this last chapter of The Artist’s Way didn’t engage me quite as much as other chapters in the book. Chapter 10 is titled, “Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection.” I’m already pretty clear on who I am and what to watch out for when I find myself doing everything but my work.

So, did I get anything out of this chapter?

Actually, yes. But not until I got to the tasks. There was one task that asked what my happiness touchstones were. Here was a task I could have fun with: focusing on things I love.

So, on this rainy Monday in Minnesota, a partial list of things that makes me happy is worth writing down:

1. a fat mug of fresh, black coffee 2. a new package of sour gummy worms 3. old, comfy blue jeans 4. smooth stones that I can hold in my hand 5. the first new leaf that pops open on our oak tree in the spring 6. the leather bookmark I brought back from Ireland 7. a wineglass full of zinfandel 8. my Frye boots 9. my silver peace bracelet that matches my daughter’s 10. the drawing my son made for my birthday a couple of years ago

One of the things about making a list like this is the realization that I am lucky. There is a lot that makes me happy and, as I look over the list, I can see that they are mostly simple things. Things that are easy to come up with when I need a little jolt of “happy”.

And those little jolts are part of what keeps the work going. You might have guessed I’m sitting here in my comfy blue jeans with a fat mug of coffee in front of me while I write.

What are some of your happiness touchstones?

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