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Backyard Photo Fun in the February Sun

Some days, I would rather pick up a camera than write an essay. Today was one of those days – sunny, bright, new snow, and squirrels! Our next-door neighbor’s dead tree, which usually houses woodpeckers, was the chosen spot for a pair of gray squirrels who basked in the February sun.

Gray squirrels in February

The two of them enjoyed the sun in spite of the snow that drifted down from the nearby white pines.

Gray squirrel

This one wasn’t so sure about me peering at him (her?) through my zoom lens.

Gray squirrel stretched out

This one stretched out with a flick of the tail.

Gray Squirrel being coy

Back to the other squirrel, who remained a bit shy.

After a few photos, I eased back inside my house and let the squirrels be. Last week, there was a gorgeous all-black squirrel whose fur was stark against the snow. I wish that one would come back and pose for me. In the meantime, our back yard is full of animal tracks, spilled birdseed, winter grasses outlined in snow, the blanket of winter still pulled tight.

And I don’t mind one bit.

All photos by kcmickelson 2018.

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