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Celebrating a Fellow Writer: Zannah Martin

Yesterday, I got the nicest surprise in my snail mail. My friend Zannah Martin’s new book Song of Sarai arrived.

I’ve known Zannah for many years and she’s worked on one variation or another of this story for the entire time I’ve known her, allowing me the pleasure of seeing many of those drafts. That the story is finally a book that is out in the world is well worth celebrating. Song of Sarai: A Novel Retelling of Ancient Spirituality revisits the story of Sarah and Abraham through the lens of the feminine divine. This story celebrates sacred female power, authority, and sexuality while taking the reader back to a time before Christ, a time when the world looked very different even as human successes and triumphs are familiar, a time when magic lived alongside the daily tasks of the people.

This is a story that celebrates a woman finding her voice and using it.

No matter what your own beliefs may be, this mythic tale is an engaging way to re-imagine how the story of Sarah and Abraham might have unfolded. Given how much of any story gets lost and reinterpreted over time as it passes through various lenses, who’s to say this one didn’t happen just as Zannah imagined? Not me.

Want a copy? You can get one here: Song of Sarai

Zannah also runs a blog, where you can learn a little about her process of finishing this book as well as explore some of her visual artwork. For more information, visit zannahmartin.com.

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