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Clarity Sometimes Goes with Charity

Coffee is one of my major food groups. Yeah, okay, it’s technically not food, but I’m not going to worry about the details right now. I’m simply going to admit that I don’t function in the same way if I don’t have any coffee to kick off my day. The whole ritual of making coffee in the morning, from grinding the beans to filling the carafe with cold water to waiting for the brew to be finished, is my prayer for inspiration and clarity.


If you drink as much coffee as I do, you might be interested to know that you can have your coffee and make a difference, too. (This is way better than having your cake and eating it, too – an old saying that seems really silly if you think about it a little bit…I mean, who would have cake and not actually eat it? But I digress.) 

So, what am I rambling about? I am rambling about this amazing coffee that I buy every chance I get because 1. it’s really good coffee and 2. its profits help at-risk youth in the Twin Cities, where I live. The coffee is City Kid Java. Its profits help fund youth programs coordinated by Twin Cities nonprofit Urban Ventures. It’s available at Twin Cities area Cub Foods, Festival Foods, SuperTarget, and Cooks of Crocus Hill. Even if you don’t live in the Twin Cities, you can still get this coffee by ordering online here. You know you have a soft spot for both kids and the Twin Cities. You really do. Buy some beans.

Search Amazon.com for brewing coffee

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