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To write poetry on a daily basis is to have a good writing practice. And, often, I do.

But not lately. Our kitchen remodel is complete, but the disruption is not as we put the center of our home back together. It’s almost like moving. And it’s spring in Minnesota, which, for my family, means lots of time outside doing yard work and garden preparation. My husband and I built raised beds last weekend and ordered compost to be delivered this Friday. Friday will also be the day some of my in-laws, including three children and a chocolate lab, arrive to spend the weekend with us. And, this morning, my oven quit working.

In the midst of all this chaos, I’ve felt guilty for not writing more, for not reading as many poems as I usually do. I wondered where I could pull more time to do that work and still get everything else done.

Then it hit me that what was really clear in all of this is that no one is my family is taking any time for themselves. In life, and especially in writing or other arts, we all need to step back and do something that renews us so we can continue creating or working or both.

And so I went and got a tattoo at Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis. I had a sketch by my son of a Celtic hound that I took to the same artist that has worked on my son and one of my husband’s colleagues. I can see the design on my right forearm as I type and I love the lines of it, the Celtic knots that are integrated into the figure. I love how it ties to my own heritage, how it links me to my son, and what the Celtic hound stands for: courage, loyalty. Suddenly, I have this little bit of inspiration that I carry with me everywhere. When it quits itching and is fully healed, it’ll be fabulous. It’s just for me.

Now I can get back to work.

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