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EAT, WRITE, DIGEST: Space, Inner not Outer

This week brings the gift of perfect summer days, a trip to the farmer’s market, two baseball games, a visit from an old high school friend, a reunion. It also brings the general life stuff of parenting an emerging adult, navigating differences of opinion, feeling the sadness that is a natural part of that process. It brings the comfort of a long-term marriage as a foundation for the rest of it. And all of these things meld into a very big quilt of a life.

That said, I’m feeling a little tapped out this week. The details aren’t important this time. What’s important is the realization that more space is necessary. More time in which there is not a pull to be somewhere else, to make a decision, or to find more room for one more thing on an already-packed calendar.

So, I’m going to go find some summer today. How about you?

PUBLICATION UPDATE! Bonus reading link for you today… I recently won a flash fiction contest over at Postcard Poems and Prose with my piece, Half-Baked, which was published on Monday. This is the third piece of my short fiction and second piece of my flash fiction that the folks over at PP&P have published and I am honored. I hope you like the story.

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