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EAT, WRITE, DIGEST: Traveling Light

On Monday, my daughter Abby and I packed one backpack each and got on a Chicago-bound plane. We booked a room at the Travelodge on Harrison Street, walking distance from everything we longed to see. We left behind our computers, dress clothes, cameras, to-do lists, and anything that wouldn’t fit under an airplane seat. It was all last-minute because we waited until Abby had four days in a row off work.

So here we are until tomorrow, wandering around our favorite Windy City with very little to weigh us down. I’m typing this on my iPhone, which is also  doubling as my camera and that’s quite a concession for a writer who loves to shoot photos.

But this lack of stuff has been wonderful. We so seldom travel this lightly, thinking more about what we absolutely have to have with us than what we can do without. 

Dropping all the stuff we usually carry makes movement a whole lot easier. 

I leave you with this morning’s view from our room.

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