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EAT, WRITE, DIGEST: Vancouver Voyage

I am not coming to you from Minnesota this week, but from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This is an amazing place of water, mountains, glass, clouds, sea planes, bicycles, coffee houses, ferries, good food, and more.

Where I am, at the Westin Bayshore, is also crawling with scientists. I can snag wi-fi in the lobby, so that is what I’m doing while waiting for my partner, who gave a genetics talk at this conference that has drawn all these scientists, to reappear. I don’t normally sit around while he’s working but this morning we rented bikes and pedaled  through Stanley Park. I’m happy to sit here, looking at the harbor area, and sip a vanilla latte while I type. We’ve been all over Granville Island, Downtown, and the West End of Vancouver in the past couple of days. We’ll visit Gastown and the Vancouver Lookout before we head home.

This is a great place to get outside and move. Watch my blog for photos and stories to follow.

Gotta love August.

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