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Farmers Markets: One Place to Feel Joyous

Farmers market bounty

This summer of the COVID19 pandemic has rendered shopping a risky activity. And pretty much a joyless one.

Except for farmers markets. Here in Roseville, where I live, there is a small farmers market on Tuesday mornings. There is ample space to stay six feet away from others, masks are worn by all, and being outdoors makes it perfect for the pandemic-weary cooks among us who crave fresh, in-season ingredients. We get to feel healthy for a moment, excited about food, safe in our quests for vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs purchased directly from the farmers who raised them.

Yesterday morning, my partner Mick and I masked up and plunged into the market with our own bags and, within 15 minutes, had plenty of fresh food to take us through the week.

Fresh cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots that ended up in last night's stir fry:

A canteloupe with the most heavenly scent.

Eggs gathered the day before we got them.

Just when we most need to feel delight, the farmers market is there, ready to nourish us and remind us that the planet provides when we take care of it. This is my favorite way to heal.

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