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First Five Fragments for Friday

Writing prompts to get you moving.

This has been sort of a weird week. My husband is out of the country at a cat and dog genetics conference (wow, typo that just happened – nearly swapped out “dog” for “god”, which could have been entertaining), my son’s car broke down in St. Cloud and I drove up there to help him out (that, for those of you unfamiliar with Minnesota, is slightly over 70 miles north of my house), and I went to see Bob Log III perform at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis Wednesday night. That was a whole different kind of weird:

Anyway…..those events and more all provide fodder for lots of writing, art, whatever. How do you pull writing or art prompts from your daily life? Do you write them down? Record them on your phone’s voice memo? Take a photo?

What I put here is not necessarily what I use in my own work. It’s a collection of sparks. Breathe some of these into fire.

1. If you had to find a new job right this minute, where would you look first?

2. What will you never tell your friends?

3. Who are two people you would never put together at a dinner party?

4. Your best friend asks you to do something you hate. Do you say yes anyway?

5. You’ve had your share of small talk for quite some time, but there’s one more event that includes people you haven’t seen in 10 years or more. What happens next?

Happy Friday. Headed outside this weekend where all the best ideas hang out.

Update on the big-headed flowers from my post, “Photos on the Fly“:

Opening nicely!

Opening nicely!

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