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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. My part of Minnesota is lush right now, every plant growing in an urgent surge thanks to much rainfall these past weeks. And the outdoors has been a steady inspiration for me as well as a soothing presence when I need one.

But, of course, there is inspiration everywhere, and so, without further ado, here are this week’s prompts.

1. Vancouver is a destination for us later this summer. I’ve learned that the green culture of the city has shaped transportation and recreation options Vancouver-wide. I’ve also learned that there is enough diversity to explore multiple cultures when we are there. All good things. One guidebook mentioned the night market in Chinatown and I immediately thought, “I have to see that.” And then I discovered they’re not having the night market this year because of the cost. Damn. Have to go back to reading the guidebook a bit more.

What is your most unique travel memory? What makes you get out of your own neighborhood?

2. Father’s Day is this Sunday in the U.S. My father is gone, as is my father-in-law. We will celebrate my partner Mick and my son Shawn, both excellent fathers themselves. Do you celebrate fathers other than your own? Why? What epitomizes the word, “father”?

3. Three words that don’t make it into literature often enough: rhinoceros, splat, sphygmology.

4. Rhyme or unrhyme?

5. Sometimes, images are just the thing. If you are not outside, where do you do to look for images? What makes you stop and stare?

Have a great weekend. And, if you are poking around for images, come find me on Tumblr or Pinterest.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth.

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