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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Do people have sex dreams no matter how old they get?

2. Last night, hazy, full-looking moon; today, developing thunderstorms. Metaphor?

3. Tonight, my daughter is going to a violin recital. Her father and I are going to a blues club. Role reversal?

4. The pumpkin vine, with its big sort of triangular leaves, tons of orange-yellow flowers and little bitty pumpkins just beginning to form, is taking over half the back yard and there are more than two months to go before Halloween. We might be engulfed.

5.  The best thing about a rain chain is the way chickadees treat each little cup as their personal water source.

And your fragments are….?


Here’s what older (like anyone over 50, especially if you’re a woman) people and teenagers have in common: what they say often gets dismissed. One group is viewed as too old to know what’s happening right now and the other as too young to understand the implications of what’s going on right now. Seems kind of like they should perhaps bond with each other.

So, first, don’t dismiss anyone based on their age alone. They might have something amazing to say. Second, check out this website:

Gray Panthers – Their headers says “Age and Youth in Action”. The perfect marriage? Perhaps.

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