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First Five Fragments for Friday

These summer weeks are going by too fast.

1. Watching the Tour de France brings up the time we were in Paris at the end of July and lost weight just by sweating and I know I’d do that again in a minute.

2. There was a laundromat just down the street from our Paris hotel where a really fit guy in purple underwear stood just outside the door while all his other pieces of clothing, apparently, were in the washing machine.

3. My 87-year-old father-in-law is going to a baseball game with my husband this weekend and I hope he has the good sense to eat a brat.

4. I’m going to stop watching news in the morning for a while so I can set a different tone for the day.

5. Why can’t grown-ups, who teach their kids about compromise, do that very thing themselves?


The 28th annual National Night Out is Tuesday, August 2, so start your planning and get to know your neighbors better by actually talking to them in a face-to-face kind of way.

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