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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Sometimes, the later you stay up, the clearer it all becomes.

2. Will a hatchet with a knife in the handle really protect anyone during the zombie apocalypse?

3. A full moon on a summer night is one of the best things ever to stare at while the dog does her nighttime elimination, but no one ever asks about that sort of thing.

4. I am not particularly fascinated with pirates.

5. There are goodbye kisses. There are hello kisses. There should be you-watched-me-clip-my-toenails-on-the-bed-and-you’re-still-here kisses.

And your fragments are….?


It’s been a nice couple of weeks.

5X5 Fiction came out with Issue Two: Secrets, Scuffles and Surprises.

And Boston Literary Magazine’s summer issue, which just happens to also be their fifth anniversary issue, just came out online with the print version to be available very soon.

And, yes, I have a piece in each publication, which is an honor given all the other wonderful writers who are also published in both places. Have a look.

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