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First Five Fragments for Friday

The last bunch of fragments for May…..

1. My daughter finally learned to drink coffee as of yesterday. Will she ever sleep again?

2. Who knew trumpet players get numb lips?

3. Even years after graduation, I still feel like someon’e always watching when I sit in a high school auditorium.

4. Modern grandparents carry their grandbabies’ photos on cell phones. Beats those plastic wallet inserts.

5. Whatever happened to saying, “Outta sight”?

And your fragments are….?


Here in Minnesota, we get tornadoes. The whole north side of Minneapolis was hit hard last Sunday and hundreds of people have damaged or unlivable homes, power lines and trees are still down, people are scrambling in shelters and finding beds at the homes of friends or relatives.

But we are lucky compared to people in Joplin, Missouri, and other hard-hit areas of the midsection of the U.S.

So, here are some links to places that can use help, if you’re so inclined:

Information on how to help in the Minneapolis area

Information on how to help in the Joplin area

American Red Cross

Happy Friday, everyone.

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