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First Five Fragments for Friday

Welcome back to my weekly first fragments feature.

Nothing like keeping a notebook beside the bed. It works.

Today’s fragments:

1. T-shirts for the breast cancer walk – gotta go pick them up this morning so I’ll be appropriately attired on Sunday. This will be an interesting way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

2. Early run to school this morning – end-of-year morning orchestra group party that my daughter is part of. I hate getting her out of bed early.

3. My kid lettered in orchestra. I never lettered in anything. That’s all right.

4. Waiting waiting waiting for my son and his wife to have their baby. Do they really know what they’re in for? Do any of us?

5. Cooking while waiting works for me. The freezer is full.

There were more fragments that trailed off the page this morning. That’s the thing about making myself – or yourself! – jot things down right away at the start of the day. Mundane things roll out, but then there’s all this stuff behind it that is usable.

And your fragments are……?

Tell me what you put those fragments in if you’re so inclined.

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