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First Five Fragments for Friday

When I woke up this morning, like most mornings, fragmented thoughts shot through my mind one after the other before my eyes were completely open. There are always a few moments when there is no editor to fetter what flits across the movie screen that is my brain before I put my feet on the floor and leave sleep behind.

Often, this is where I get my best ideas. (The other places are in the shower and on late-night dog walks, but that’s another column.) When I worked through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, the morning pages were my favorite thing, although it was sometimes hard to spew three pages of writing before I did anything else with my day. But these fragmented thoughts that I have upon waking often show up later in a poem, a blog post, or some other creative project.

So, what I propose to do for upcoming Fridays, is offer some of my first thoughts as prompts for poetry, prose, painting….pick your project. (Fear not, this abundance of alliteration is only for today.) They may not always make sense, but that’s part of the challenge.

Swipe these prompts and maybe you can sleep in longer than I do.

1. The guy who wears the owl costume in Watchmen is a hoot and who taught me this awful humor? 2. What would I do if someone told me my son was accidentally disintegrated? 3. It’s Earth Day and I should send Michele Bachmann all my old incandescent lightbulbs 4. Is that a duck on the roof next door? Yes, yes it is. 5. I love it when the first thing my feet touch is a dog hair-dust bunny. Ick.

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