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First Five Fragments for Friday

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On this first Friday of Lent, I'm thinking about how I used to give something up during every Lent of my childhood. I usually gave up something like candy or television, both of which were hard for a kid. The practice had its merits. It taught me to pay attention, honor my commitments, think about what I could do better. And as I find myself practicing other ways to be better today, the realization that Lent is here has nudged me to ask myself if there's anything I might give up. Sweets probably still top the list. But there's a lot more to consider as an adult.

So, today, I offer five things to give up for 40 days:

1. Worry. Substitute action, any action: create art, meditate, volunteer, hike, cook.

2. Impatience. Substitute deep breathing, counting, drinking water, closing your eyes, stretching.

3. Mindless snacking. Substitute cooking good food, taking a walk, cleaning the windows, brewing fresh coffee, calling a friend.

4. Fear of change. Substitute all the stuff listed after #1 above. Add learning something fun.

5. Multitasking or the need to finish a task every moment. Substitute sitting with a mug of tea, watching the sunset, strolling through a museum, listening to music with full attention, eating slowly with focus.

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