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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of art/writing/conversation prompts.

Who's tired of talking about COVID-19? Who can't stop talking about it anyway?

This week's prompts focus on optimistic ideas, thoughts, anything to get our heads out of our pandemic funk.

1. You've probably heard it before, but a regular meditation practice helps you live longer and healthier. You don't have to stockpile meditation. You can access it at any time. Plus, you can find some really cool zafus (those little cushions you sit on) to make you happy. Here's mine:

2. Another happy thing you don't have to stockpile: phone conversations with family and friends. My friend Luann suggested people might learn to have phone conversations again. Thanks for that!

3. Why save all the special food preparation for holidays? Do it now, for yourself, and make a day of making your favorite meal. Here are my favorite recipe websites: Mark Bittman and Epicurious.

4. Grow some herbs near your brightest window. Find some that are easiest to grow HERE. Grow some other plants, too, while you're at it. Here's my Zen windowsill:

5. Soak it off. When's the last time you sat in a hot bath and daydreamed? Bubbles optional.

Happy Friday. Stay healthy out there.

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