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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art/conversation prompts.

On this first Friday of spring, I offer escape.

1. Every morning I need a dose of nature. When being outside is not an option, there's this: the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources eagle cam. Click on it for a live feed of bald eagles on their nest. This week, I got to see eaglets! https://youtu.be/RhKlRcUEYzQ

2. Yoga Journal is offering free online yoga practice here: https://www.yogajournal.com/practice-section/in-these-times-webinar-series

3. Truffles the Doxie is delighted that I'm home all the time now. Here she is, demonstrating her certainty that belly rubs are good for everyone:

4. Spring has happened in spite of everything. Soon, plants will push through dirt, leaves will emerge, baby birds will add to the chorus. Go back to the eagle cam link above for proof.

5. Now is the time to learn to bake bread. Here's a great recipe from Mark Bittman: https://www.markbittman.com/recipes-1/no-knead-bread

Happy Friday, everyone. Claim your resilience.

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