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First Five Fragments for Friday

First Five Fragments for Friday is your weekly offering of writing prompts, art prompts, and conversation prompts.

Prompt No. 1

I pulled a random card from my Vision Quest Cards deck and got this, which is perfect for being at home:

Prompt No. 2

I pulled another random card, this time from my Creative Whack Pack, and got this playful way to generate ideas and go down unexpected paths right from my own couch:

Prompt No. 3

This one comes from my Gifts of the Goddess affirmation cards, and feels just right for when everyone has been forced to slow down their lives:

Prompt No. 4

I've been thinking about meditative spaces lately, about the art work in those spaces that contributes to calmness. My son clued me in on the Rothko Chapel, in Houston, Texas, and I've been thinking about Rothko's work ever since. Since I can't put a Rothko image here, follow the link to the Rothko Chapel HERE to see what an amazing space it is and think about what you would put in your own meditative space. Alternatively, what art would you make that feels meditative?

Prompt No. 5

Now that most of us have had more time at home than we'd planned on, we've probably all thought about what we would change in our own home to make it more of a sanctuary and less of a place we need to get out of. What does your ideal home/sanctuary look like?

Happy Friday, everybody. Peace.

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