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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. Welcome to spring!

Now that we are post-equinox, do you feel a shift? Yesterday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune had an article that included the total number of days on which we had below-zero temperatures (50), the longest string of consecutive days we woke to such frigid air (17), and the measure of 60.9″ of snow so far this season. Seeing those totals on the first day of spring didn’t make me feel any more spring-like, but the numbers certainly helped justify the winter fatigue that ran rampant around here.

Will spring re-ignite your creative work? I hope so.

Here are today’s fragments:

1. Echo effect: The way the house tosses around our footsteps and voices now that the carpet is gone.

2. The clank of bracelets on a wrist. A whiff of perfume. The swish of denim-clad legs. What nonverbal cues create an image of someone you love?

3. The 30-day weather outlook is cool. Hipster cool? Arctic cool? Wish-I-had-a-blanket cool? Outlooks lack specificity.

4. Rebuild a communication breakdown. What’s your first step?

5. Sometimes I steal potential titles from bits of sentences I’ve read somewhere. My current favorite: “The Possibility of Transcendence” swiped from a sentence in Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan. Flip open a book, steal a fragment.

Happy Friday, everyone.

SUBMISSION POSSIBILITIES As you know, I am an editor for Every Day Poets and we are always looking for decent short poetry (less than 500 words, less than 60 lines). Right now, we’re reading submissions for summer. Guidelines are here.

My friend Dave Morehouse runs Postcard Poems and Prose, a place to submit poetry and micro-flash fiction (less than 250 words) as well as artwork. Guidelines are here. They’ve recently expanded acceptances to include haiku, senryu, and tanka.

Every Day Fiction, a sister publication of Every Day Poets, accepts flash fiction. Their guidelines are here.

Happy submitting.

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