• Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

First Five Fragments for Friday

First Five Fragments for Friday is your weekly offering of #writingprompts. Get creative.

The world needs a little more happiness right now. That's a good creative guiding principle this week.

1. We all might be happy with a little fort of our own sometimes. IKEA thinks so, too, because there's this: IKEA'S 6 Best Blanket Forts for Your Home Quarantine. I am partial to the castle.

2. Dress in a different Halloween costume every day for a week. Make sure you take a walk around the neighborhood in it.

3. Build a sculpture (maybe garden art?) from stuff laying around your garage. Or from your kids' discarded toys. Here's some ideas from artist Robert Bradford.

4. Who can resist puppies? You need one. You know you do. So here you go: Animal Humane Society.

5. Happiness in your own yard is possible. Here's what's in mine:

Happy Friday. Be well. Be safe. Find some happiness here and there.

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