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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. 1. Stew, a metaphor for so many situations….vegetable, beef, or chicken? Family or friends?

2. Tiny humans know no boundaries for time, space, or joy.

3. Hemingway supposedly said, “Write drunk; edit sober.” I think I would add a big bowl of popcorn in both cases. With butter. Napkins might be a good idea.

4. Valentine’s Day: Hallmark nightmare or fine romantic dinner idea? (Flashback to the St. Valentine story in The Lives of the Saints optional. References to Lupercalia also optional.) You have one week to decide.

5. No one has ever told you to _____________________.

Happy Friday! May your weekend be warm and cozy.

Don’t forget to stop back next Wednesday for the next post in my new series EAT, WRITE, DIGEST: The Tuesday Night Dinner Project.

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