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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Things noticed on a morning walk:

1. A small white feather floated down from an unseen bird and passed right in front of my nose.

2. The scent of fried bacon oozed from a house near the corner.

3. The man with a beige ballcap and a red and white cooler at his feet stood facing east in the driveway of the group home.

4. The huge orange pumpkin in the backyard of the house with the big old yellow lab was perched on its own little stand nestled among the pumpkin vines.

5. The garage door at the hoarder’s house two blocks over no longer closes completely and the owner’s car stays parked in the driveway.

Today, make sure your eyes aren’t glazed over with thoughts about work, kids, or the looming weekend as you walk somewhere.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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