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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. Surprise beneath our deck: two robin nests, one on each side of one of the main support posts. Wonder if the robins are related.

2. What we’ve found in our delivered pile of compost this week: flattened plastic bottle, rocks, bits of glass, a piece of metal, a wooden stake, pull tabs from pop cans, bit of plastic bags. In the past, we found a man’s (we think) sandal.

3. Now that warm weather allows windows to be open, we’re reacquainting ourselves with sounds of wind through tree branches, wind chimes, cardinals who just want to reproduce, motorcycles, kids playing outside, barking dogs, airplanes, school buses, laughter.

4. Life in the suburbs isn’t always about the automobiles:

5. Which photo would you choose: one of a couple smiling at the camera or one of that same couple hugging each other?

Happy Friday! I’ll be digging in compost this weekend. And you?

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