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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

1. Name the ghost that visits you most often.

2. The spark at the end of life: biological/chemical or spiritual?

3. In spite of the stormy destruction of her home, she rebuilt, added softness, settled in, laid eggs.

4. Where did this dialogue come from? “I got a chicken!” “I can’t find my way out.” “I’m stunned!” “Oh, no, I’m dying.” “You have to learn to disengage.” “Hold on, I’ve got to put my spirit back in my body.” “That spider is gross. I’m naming him Grosser.”

5. Dear Target: Please stop asking me if I want to save money by getting one of your REDcards. Make your cashiers stop treating me like I flunked economics 101 because I continue to refuse your REDcard even as they tell me how much money I would have saved as they total my purchases of dog food, underwear, soap, and milk. They tell me I can set it up as a debit card attached to my personal checking account! I don’t want another card to keep track of while you track me.

Happy Friday! Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate it this coming Sunday.

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