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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Today, I swiped fragments from this morning’s edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Citations are at the very bottom of this post, just in case you’d rather not know the context if you use the prompt.

1. The resistance caused by this flexing of the tread generates heat….

2. An online hookup with a sleek, ego-centric studmuffin ends with the….

3. The newcomers meet suspicion in the pueblo…

4. …Kingman once hit a ball so high it went through a roof air hole and never came down.

5. We’d apreciate it if you were satisfied. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy snowy Friday from the white-blanketed Midwest.

ONE MORE THING: While you’re holed up waiting for the snowplow to go by, consider this poetry offering from Bay-area poet Janet Butler, who kindly sent me a copy. Her new chapbook, Upheaval, is available from Red Ochre Press. The poems are short and intimate, perfect bits of passionate observation for a wintery day or, really, any other kind of day in which you crave tightly-written poetry with a voice that crawls right inside you heart. You won’t be disappointed. Check out this link for more information and to order a copy.

Citations for today’s fragments, all of which appeared in the 2/22/2013 paper edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: 1. New Treads in Fuel Efficiency by Stuart F. Brown, New York Times. 2. Yossi remains closeted by Colin Covert. 3. Charge of the Literacy Brigade at Cuban Film Fest by Colin Covert. 4. Adieu, Old Dome by Richard Meryhew. 5. Minneapolis Residents: Are you really satisfied? by james lileks.

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