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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts:

1. A minor sun crashes to earth, its final flare a window-shattering wave.

2. A dog who digs at her crate night after night without ever getting out on her own – is that tenacity or insanity?

3. To the woman who sat in her idling large black van at the corner near us this morning and put on mascara using the rear view mirror, while it was 6˚F outside: Did you hear us laugh when we saw you applying makeup in a van in the dead of winter? Did you hear our dogs bark at you? What was in the back of that van? We know you don’t live around here. Did this neighborhood look safe? Now that I’m back inside, I really hope that van wasn’t your home, that you were just between morning stops.

4. Saying “no” when someone asks me for help or babysitting or volunteer time does not come naturally. Some days, I wish it did.

5. Photo prompt from very early this morning:

Happy Friday. What will catch your eye today?

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