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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art/journal prompts:

1. Last night’s alternative view of rush hour: November sunset sky, rich with pink and grey, over the Minneapolis skyline where lights were just coming on, and a silhouetted flock of hundreds of birds in a cloud that swooped over the freeway as if they knew we’d all forgotten how to be joyful in our movement.

2. This morning, there are huge black crows perched at command posts around our back yard, cawing their orders to each other with dark precision.

3. While I’m thinking of winged things, it occurs to me I don’t like Christmas angels and why aren’t there Christmas tacos? Or are there and I’ve missed it? See what happens where there’s no filter on these prompts early in the morning?

4. I need to wake up somewhere else soon so that my vision gets shaken up a bit. Must be time for a road trip.

5. What traditional holiday decorations do you refuse to put up at your house/apartment/wherever you live?

Happy nearly-snowless-end-of-November here in Minnesota. Go play.

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