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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Hot flashes. Flashes of who I used to be. Flashing lights. Life goes by in a flash.

2. Old dogs with filmy eyes still dance around their food bowls like puppies.

3. Stand with your eyes closed in a bunch of trees dropping their fall-colored leaves. Hear that tic-tic-tic as the leaves hit the ground? Natural timer counting down to winter.

4. After being with my partner for 20 years, I finally heard the entirety of one of his science talks and realized that stepping back to see him as others do needs to happen more often. How do you step back to see anyone in your family in a new way?

5. If you pared down your possessions, what would you hang on to just for beauty?

And your fragments are…?

What have you written this week? Anyone doing NaNoWriMo next month?


Two of my writing acquaintances have had some nice publication news in the last couple of weeks and I want to pass that on.

The first person I heard from was British writer Avis Hickman-Gibb, who has a book of short stories out called A Plate of Bits (I love that title). The book was actually published in August, but just got mention again with Avis’ recent piece in the October issue of Writers’ Tricks of the Trade called, “Short Stories – Small but Beautifully Formed.” If you love short stories, A Plate of Bits is for you. If you aren’t sure about short stories, this is still for you. Really. Even better? It’s a Kindle edition. No need to dust off your bookshelf. By the way, Writers’ Tricks of the Trade is a decent publication for improving your skills or getting expert advice, if you are so inclined.

The second person I heard from was Indian writer Rumjhum Biswas. Rumjhum is part of an anthology of short stories by writers from Asia and Africa called, Behind the Shadows, edited by Rohini Chowdhury and Zukiswa Wanner. It is available from Amazon here. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

In March 2011, Chowdhury and Wanner, with the objective of bringing together the two continents of Africa and Asia, sent out a call for short stories with the theme outcast, to be interpreted by the writers as they pleased. The writers could be from Africa or Asia, or in the Diaspora, but it was necessary that their stories deal with the theme as experienced by Africans and/or Asians……The title, Behind the Shadows, is from one of the short stories in the collection by writer Tasneem Basha. The collection also includes Penguin-shortlisted author Isabella Morris; Caine Prize-shortlisted writer Lauri Kubuitsile; renowned Singaporean Young Artist Award recipient, author and poet, Felix Cheong; and emerging Indian writers Rumjhum Biswas, Monideepa Sahu, and Sucharita Dutta-Asane.

Short stories seem to be the theme today. Happy reading.

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