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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Last night, I made mini meatloaves. Mick called them meat cupcakes, but he liked them. What would you miniaturize just for fun?

2. Camille, age 17 months, eats meat only if there’s ketchup on it. What can you swallow only when it’s covered in something else?

3. Why is ticking so much louder in the dark?

4. It delights me when I hear someone say something about the lens through which we view something….that acknowledgement that we do all have different lenses, different experiences, different ways of validating our world.

5. Death in October – the tomato vines look exhausted with their wilted, blackened leaves while the birch trees still look like an explosion of color as if they refuse to go quietly. I know which way I want to go out.

And your fragments are….?

Happy Friday. Have you decided on a Halloween costume yet?

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