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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Sign seen on way to Madison this week: “Mowing Operations”. I want one of those – and a surgical mask – next time I mow our front yard.

2. What too-often used word would you like to choke out of the next person who utters it?

3. Seen in Jamba Juice this week: college-age guy carrying small, rather limp dog. Guy petted dog’s head often. Dog pretty much just hung there on guy’s arm. Puppy or rescue dog? Resigned dog or spoiled dog?

4. Fresh off looking at dorm rooms makes me reconsider how much living space I could easily give up.

5. What would you go back to school for? What’s stopping you?

And your fragments are…?

Next week the state fair opens here in Minnesota. I’m ready.


It’s nearly time for school to start here, too, and that always has me thinking about how people afford everything their kids need. We are lucky to be able to consider college and get our kid clothes, a yearbook, buy class photos, pay for activities.

Back when I was a single parent to my son, Shawn, things were a lot harder. I had to say no to activities and new clothes more than I care to remember. I did what parents have been doing forever by going without stuff for myself so my kid could be at school with the bare essentials.

Those are not days I’m going to forget anytime soon.

Want to help people in that situation right now? Or, would you prefer to help teachers who spend their own money to make sure their students have what they need? Here are some links that offer those opportunities. These links are random, found through my own bumbling research.

Staples for Students

Kids in Need Foundation

Volunteer Guide: Donate School Supplies to a Classroom in Need

 Adopt a Classroom

Donors Choose: An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need.

How to hold a school supply drive

Happy back-to-school.

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