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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. A hawk swooped by the kitchen window while I rinsed out the coffee pot a moment ago. Reminded me of the first week I lived in this house and a red-tailed hawk dove between our house and the neighbor’s while I stood at the same window and thought how that never happened in my old neighborhood. Was that an omen? Is it this morning’s sighting an omen?

2. Someone is taking out a tree the next block over. Buzzing sounds are breaking the morning quiet. They had a tree trunk blocking all traffic in both directions 15 minutes ago. In removing an obstacle, they’re creating a few temporary ones. Life is like that.

3. And suddenly everything is quiet. Still.

4. Do you feel you have to fill every void?

5. Finally, one of the cool huge moths I saw earlier in the summer returned:

And your fragments are…..?

Figure out today’s omens.

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