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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Hummingbird hawk moths are like a breeding experiment gone awry and I can’t look away. Now that one has visited our garden, I’ll be watching for another all summer.

2. Fifty Shade of Grey is not what I think of as great literature and yet I read the entire thing. Yes, that’s right. Maybe I’ll visit a hardware store soon.

3. For what topic can you claim to be a walking encyclopedia?

4. The strangest thing I’ve seen in a back yard is the 15-foot-tall (my estimate) metal cut-out of the Jolly Green Giant. He was draped in a red scarf for the holiday season this past winter. That particular back yard is about two blocks from our house – first-ring suburbia, redefined.

5. Every day, without fail, I wear [fill in your own thing here].

And your fragments are….?

Life is way too short to do the same damn thing every day. Mix it up.

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