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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Technological shenanigans (as in difficulty signing into a blog I’ve been writing for a couple of years) skews all thoughts of writing prompts toward one word:  “GRRRR”.

2. New kitchen altar: seeds sunk into growth medium, awaiting eruption of first leaves for basil, dill, thyme.

3. Watching everything leaf out, hoping the tree a neighbor planted when he learned of his brother’s death, will do the same. Its branches are too smooth, too bare.

4. Small dog is beside herself trying to guard us from all that she can hear through the open window.

5. Big dog’s recent leap face-first into the tailgate on my truck when she was aiming for the cargo area reminds me that perceptions change for all of us.

And your fragments are….?

Happy last Friday of March.

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