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First Five Fragments for Friday

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. As I write this post, rain pours in a pinging symphony on our roof, gathers in a river in gutters, washes the surface of our street. I imagine the roots of the trees drinking their fill, holding moisture to  help them stay strong in the coming winter. I think about the fireplace downstairs, how maybe later I’ll light it, sit in front of it with my husband, share some wine.

This kind of day is the very best kind for writing, reading, snuggling. It’s the kind of day that gets better with cookies just out of the oven, stew atop the stove.

Perhaps by the time anyone reads this, the rain will have stopped. But the rainwater will linger, soothing our garden as it prepares for sleep.

Sometimes creativity washes down, too, seeps into us, lingers until we give it another shape. With that sort of mood, here are this week’s offerings.

1. The Boston terrier crawled right into my bed, got under the sheets, curled up next to my armpit. Once there, he refused to move. In the morning, I managed to get him outside, where he promptly peed on his own back leg. Why had I agreed to dog-sit?

2. The surface upon which she least wanted to sleep was the very one offered her in Purgatory.

3. How do you return to sleep after a nightmare?

4. Is it harder to be a parent or a warrior?

5. How do you make your art matter in the larger world?

Fun Fact for the Week: Need a pizza fix? You’re in luck. October is National Pizza Month. Americans eat about 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni – our favorite topping – per year. And Americans eat 350 slices of pizza per second. That’s a lot of pizza.

Find more fun pizza facts at Pizza Facts & Trivia – The Pizza Joint in Stowe, Vermont. 

And then go order one. Happy Friday.

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