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First Five Fragments for Friday

Writing prompts were unwilling to show up this morning. So, what happens then? We punt.

Five reasons why I felt like I couldn’t get a writing prompt out to save my life this morning: 1. I’m tired 2. I’m cranky 3. I have too many things to get done today 4. I’m worried about my kids 5. It feels like someone is squeezing my head

Five reasons why I show up at the page anyway: 1. I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t 2. I’ve made a pact with the general public to put stuff on this blog on Friday morning 3. I don’t want my family to think I’m lazy 4. I figure I can work through it 5. Blank pages don’t do anyone any good if they stay blank

This is what the writing life is like sometimes. Sometimes the impetus to get to our work isn’t there, feels just out of reach, whatever. And so?

When I started this regular blog feature, I have to admit that five writing prompts for a Friday morning came about mostly because I liked the alliteration. Then I thought, hey, five weekdays and five prompts is a good system. The prompts come out on Friday, people have all weekend to let them simmer into some kind of idea by Monday. (I’m a big believer in weekends.)

Then there’s the very real kick-start that having to post something on a regular basis provides for any writer. This is how we keep our muscles toned. This is one way we tell people we’re serious. And, if we were in any other profession, it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t feel like producing anything; we’d have to show up anyway.

And all those reasons above why I couldn’t get a writing prompt out could actually be a launching pad. They launched this blog post, didn’t they? So I guess there were some prompts to be had after all.

And your fragments today are…..?

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