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First Five Fragments for Friday

Today’s writing prompts:

1. In the last two days before Christmas, a greeting card arrives from someone you haven’t heard from in at least five years. Inside, is an invitation to make peace. Do you trust it?

2. One Christmas tree upstairs, one Festivus pole downstairs, one dreidel somewhere in the bookcase, one book on the Solstice on the coffee table and, somehow, the greeting we use most this week is “Merry Christmas”.

3. I have a newfound respect for the word, “mayhem.”

4. The best sound in the world is my kid’s laughter coming from the other room, especially when there are other voices joining in with hers. And the best not-sound is a not-barking dachshund.

5. The first thing you see in the morning is…….

And your fragments are….?

Happy Friday. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice….Happy Life.

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