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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. Crows congregate around a stale loaf of bread in the back yard while more crows watch from overhanging branches. A highly-organized five-minute feast ensues. Palate cleansing?

2. December sunrise sky colors outline skinny pine trees for just long enough to be grateful.

3. A goat munches frozen grass on your lawn next to the deflated Santa decoration. Thoughts?

4. When our garage door breaks, an image of the horder’s house two blocks over, whose garage door has been broken for months, is the first thing that pops into my head.

5. If you want to be gaudy for the holiday party, is that sequined sweater really the first thing you reach for? Or is it the blinking Rudolph nose?

And your fragments are….?


If you have waited until now to figure out holiday gifts, you might be wondering what you can do quickly. There’s a really slick way to donate to charity and give a gift at the same time: Charity Choice Gift Cards. I found this site while researching last minute holiday charity giving and love the idea behind it. Charity Choice Gift Cards allows gift recipients to choose the charity that is closest to their hearts. It works like this: you go on the site and purchase a gift card. You send it to your gift recipient and they then look at the list of over 250 charities on the site to find the one they feel best fits causes they want to support. It’s a great way to spread that holiday cheer a little further, particularly for those on your list who already have everything they need or want. See what you think.

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