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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. December in Minnesota means your feet are cold BEFORE you get out of bed.

2. Red carpets are one thing, but lumpy red carpets that cause people to actually look at what they’re stepping over are way more interesting than a flat, red expanse.

3. Who would you lay down in front of?

4. Morning sounds: public radio news, creaking wooden floors, dogs tags that jangle, dog kibble that hits a stoneware bowl, water that cascades into the coffeemaker,  the muted slam of the refrigerator door, the bip-bip-bip of email messages being deleted from a cell phone, the garage door as it glides up the cold metal door track, the crunch of frozen snow beneath car tires….

5. Lights on a Christmas tree in the early morning make it just a little more magical.

And your fragments are…..?

Have a lovely weekend. May it include cookies.

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