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First Five Fragments for Friday

1. How many inflatable holiday decorations can one city-sized yard hold before the merry scene shifts to potential horror setting?

2. Do little kids get nightmares from seeing deflated Santas face-down in their neighbors’ front yards during daylight hours in December?

3. My dog got a stomach ache and did what she always does: beg to go outside so she could eat copious quantities of grass. Thing was, the grass was frozen beneath a thin layer of snow. I could hear her crunching as she ate it anyway.

4. The automobile Bluetooth experience: “Call Beka”. “Call Peggy. Is this correct?” “No. Call Beka.” “Call Emma. Is this correct?” “No! Call Beka.” “Call Kara. Is this correct?” “No! Goddamn it…” Punch end call button on steering wheel and turn the radio up loud. Let myself be late without a heads up.

5. Perfect holiday decorating involves handing someone else the strings of tree lights.

And your fragments are….?


Yup, it’s time for Toys for Tots again. Wouldn’t be the holiday season without it. In talking to people I know who help collect toys for kids who might not otherwise get holiday gifts, it seems that teens don’t get as much attention as younger kids….just a little nudge. Everybody feels happy when they get a present.

I love December!



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