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First Five Fragments for Friday

Seasonal, regional, random…..

1. A nearly-full morning moon, scuttling gray clouds, and a 10-foot-tall blow-up Frankenstein next to an ivy-covered house

2. That phrase, “a pain in the ass,” doesn’t strike me as quite as bad as a pain in the lower back but I suppose it’s catchier

3. Crows outside are having a noisy early morning meeting and they remind me of people I know – loud, raw, hunkered on a power line

4. The smell of sesame oil on shower-damp skin

5. Sometimes, hearing an airplane reminds me just how quiet it got when planes were grounded after 9/11 and how startling that quiet was, every bit as startling as an incredibly loud and close explosion.

Bonus photo fragments: alternative views

Happy Friday. Turn everything over and look at the other side.

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