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First Five Fragments for Friday - A Farewell of Sorts

First Five Fragments for Friday has served as your weekly offering of creative prompts here at One Minnesota Writer for quite some time. But I've been thinking about the need to do better, the need to let go of things that feel far less important than they did six months ago.

These writing prompts are one of those things that just doesn't feel important right now. The world is already full of writing prompts. In fact, I have a long list of my own right HERE. And there are plenty more outside your own front door. Or back door. Whatever.

I'll be turning my attention in the coming days more toward the intersection of writing and activism, how to make a difference, how to support things that matter in the broader world. As writers, we have an obligation to pay attention and reflect on what we see. The pandemic and the explosion of demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis have forced me to think about what I stand for. About what more I can be doing every single day to make this world better, just, kind.

I hope you'll return for my future columns and find your own ways to do good.

Thanks for reading.

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